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Clarity Lifestyle

The Clarity Game is a meditation dice and card game to unleash the soul and spirit.  Our game has been distinctively developed for personal and self development of the Mind Body and Spirit.

Our game is loosely based on Chakras designed to unlock your third eye and sharpen your intuition.  Stop depending on therapy for self development and replace those tarot and oracle cards with a simple task of sharpening your pineal gland ( third eye Chakra) and trusting in the power within yourself.

With repeated use of our game and a heightened intuition we can help you help yourself.  This incredibly accurate self-care tool will provide insight into particular areas of your life that could be blocked. 

Clarity’s random rolls and card choice are based on the premise that life and its journeys are all meant to be.

Clarity is Flipism.  Clarity is kismet.  Clarity is what ever you believe in, so follow your spiritual path and join in a conscious lifestyle and you will be where you should be.  Download the most fun filled spiritual game ever and experience the crazy accurate fun and mesmerizing results.

Step 1 -Think about any concerns that you may have in the empty space provided. Types in while concentrating on the thing you need clarity on.  (Broad not too specific)  For example you’re health, a person, a job…

Step 2 – Select one of the six different colors of dice that are displayed on the screen and roll the dice.

Step 3 – The numbers rolled corresponds to six different abstract card decks including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, past, and future. For example, if you get a number 6, it would correspond to the future deck that would clue you into that particular area in your life.

Step 4 – Then it’s your turn to use your insight and intuition to come up with the answer by the result of your card.

Play One! Play All!  If you love the limited version be sure get our Clarity home game, which has even more card information and works well with the vibes in the home. The game is fun to play with friends and family and will provide an experience of connecting on a deeper level. The social aspect of the full version game will blow you and your guest away.   Keep the box on your coffee table or the bag and cards in your Sacred Space so your guest will see it and curiously ask, thereby sparking play. We are a social card and dice game FOR humanity.

If you’re looking for a metaphysical/esoteric tool to line up with your inner self and wish to know more about what your destiny holds then the Play-Clarity game is for you.  We guarantee to fine tune instincts and keep you rolling through life and its complicated obstacles.