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Clarity is an inspirational social dice game to promote awareness and conversation. Use as a daily meditation or in a group setting.

With over 20 years of development, this game is a non-intimidating tool that works to provide guidance through the principal of self-discovery, the process of acquiring insight into one’s own character.


A game unlike any other! The Clarity elite game is an inspirational and spiritual dice and card game designed to promote awareness, as well as conversation. It provides serious users such as life coaches, as well as for spiritual gatherings, yoga retreats, and self help groups the tools that they need for complete spiritual awareness. The spiritual deck of cards works to activate your pineal gland, opening up your mind and allowing you to communicate easier to your soul and spiritual realms. Not only this, but the game also works as an effective guidance tool through self-discovery.

Clarity is an easy and effective game to play, whether with a large group of friends, or during an intimate social gathering, since it serves as a conversational piece.

If you need rules, keep track of your roll and the first person to get to exactly 36 wins. If you are playing in a large group have everyone go once or twice. If you are by yourself you can do this as a daily meditation and journal the outcome. The top left of the card provides the mantra. These cards can also be used without rules in coordination with other oracle and tarot cards as well. Have fun while sharpening your third eye, the longer you play the better you get. The most accurate social game you will ever play. One game with friends and family and what you will learn will make it your wisest investment.

To play:

  • Step 1 Think about any concerns that you may have. Then concentrate on anything you need clarity on. (Broad not too specific) You can ask your question out loud ( preferred) or to yourself. For example you’re health, a person, a job…
  • Step 2 Roll one die.
  • Step 3 The number rolled corresponds to six different abstract card decks including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, past, and future. For example, if you get a number 6, it would correspond to the future deck and that would clue you into that particular area in your life.
  • Step 4 Pull a card from the sleeve that you rolled.
  • Step 5 Then it’s your turn to use your insight and intuition to come up with the answer by the result of your card. For example if you choose a card from the future pack and the card is the stress card. The Clarity to what asked is future stress.
  • Step 6 Discuss your card and it’s meaning. Your tribe of friends can provide an outside look into the meaning.
  • Step 7 If playing with the power pack and the outcome is not clear you may choose a mini card.

Clarity includes all of the tools that you need to play the game, including:

  • 216 Abstract cards designed by Melissa Behr
  • 2 dice
  • 7 crystal dice inside of a small drawstring bag and round Clarity box
  • 6 fabric zip bags to go inside a full color printed drawstring pouch
  • 7 Chakra stones in a drawstring bag
  • A well-made, sturdy, magnetic closure box to hold everything in
  • The Power Pack, mini cards to get extra clarity (see Power Pack listing)


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