Highly Recommended

One of my absolute must have decks! Seriously can’t say enough about this deck anytime I need clarity on something it taps in so well and delivers the messages that I need to hear, the creator of this deck is an amazing soul and has tapped in when creating this deck. The deck gets straight to the point and is easy to understand. I HIGHLY recommend getting one!!! Melissa Behr thank you for this deck it has helped me in so many ways.

– Patricia Lozada

Great Deck to do Multi Deck Readings

Melissa blessed me with this deck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this deck when needing clarity or to do self reflection shadow work. It saved my life and also taught me a few lessons. I’m completely in love with this deck, it’s a great deck to have to do multi deck readings or just to place a question and roll the dice for some advice. Thank you Melissa for this wonderful gift

– Facebook customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Power Pack helps you get True “Clarity”!

Clarity is definitely the best for opening your intuition on anything and everything in your life! I have used this game with friends and we have all agreed that it is helpful on a spiritual level that has helped us fine tune answers. It is thought provoking and accurate!
The artwork, by Melissa Behr, on each card is absolutely beautiful! In fact the whole game is done with such beautiful detail that it makes such a wonderful gift with nice touch of class!
I got the “Power Pack” and it is a must have to this game so make sure your order you game with this helpful addition!

– Amazon Shopper

5.0 out of 5 stars I got it all!!! Great products

I went crazy and bought it all. I love it all as well. Something fun to do while at home during the pandemic. The crystals are beautiful, as well as all the artistry and designs on all of these products. Even the box and the bags that hold everything are designed and show the brilliant thought that went into thinking about every single item and how everything all belongs together and enhances the overall look of everything as a whole. Great job Melissa Behr!!!

B Dianne Calhoun

Great game, fun gift

I use this game for quick answers and to help guide me and my intuition. It is more than a game but it still is very fun. It’s something I want to share with all my girlfriends. My friends and I get together and ask questions and pick the cards. We ask about work, our future and of course relationships and the cards are always thought provoking and open up good conversations. The game is helpful when I’m alone as well. The artwork is great too because it helps lead to the answers and are beautiful to look at. I love crystal dice too. Have fun!

 Amazon Shopper

Beautifully done and remarkably direct

After almost forty years of work in Tarot and the I Ching, I find Clarity to be a wonderful Oracle for personal growth.  The cards are beautifully done and remarkably direct in addressing the concerns of the user.  The artwork is lovely and soothing and the system invites a daily conversation.  I would recommend this for both personal growth and simple fun.

Lynn Hanson

An uplifting/insightful game!

Fun uplifting game to share with a group of friends. A versatile product as it also doubles up to be used for individual daily meditation. State your intention/ask a question and see what the cards have in store for you! I love all of the artwork on the cards!

Julie Naski

Great inspirational package

It shows that Melissa Behr is a wonderful artist and painter… The whole set is very well presented, the cards are great and inspirational, and it’s a fun and smart game to play. Stimulates interesting conversations….

Pierre David

There is nothing else like this out there.

This game has been a unique and amazing way to quickly focus on what I need to work on the most. It is profoundly accurate, the cards are gorgeous, and the whole experience feels very personal. I don’t have a lot of free time and I appreciate that this can be so efficient. I love to take a minute to work with the game as a quiet moment of self care either in the morning or at night. it really resonates with me. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I love mine so much that I am planning to give more as gifts.

 Amazon Shopper

WOW it’s been a long time since I saw a game this creative and fun

“Clarity ” by Melissa Behr { an exceptional artist ) has put together this game that will inspire the search for more ! Remember at some point in time you asked yourself who am I and why am I here ? Great to just relax and contemplate on whatever.. This is well thought out and executed . The games captures the essence of imagination and creativity. Its fun, for alone time or group time. Besides the game the art work is awesome. I would rate this a 10 but there is only 5 stars to choose from. So happy with this product. 🙂

Ernest H Fortmann