5.0 out of 5 stars Power Pack helps you get True “Clarity”!

Clarity is definitely the best for opening your intuition on anything and everything in your life! I have used this game with friends and we have all agreed that it is helpful on a spiritual level that has helped us fine tune answers. It is thought provoking and accurate!
The artwork, by Melissa Behr, on each card is absolutely beautiful! In fact the whole game is done with such beautiful detail that it makes such a wonderful gift with nice touch of class!
I got the “Power Pack” and it is a must have to this game so make sure your order you game with this helpful addition!

– Amazon Shopper

Beautifully done and remarkably direct

After almost forty years of work in Tarot and the I Ching, I find Clarity to be a wonderful Oracle for personal growth.  The cards are beautifully done and remarkably direct in addressing the concerns of the user.  The artwork is lovely and soothing and the system invites a daily conversation.  I would recommend this for both personal growth and simple fun.

Lynn Hanson

Beautiful design, amazing experience

Thank you so very very much for the amazing experience with you at the new living expo.
I had a wonderful time unpacking your box with its beautiful presentation. Everything is so wonderfully thought out down to the last detail and I enjoyed looking at your artwork on the back/front of your cards.
Plus, I must say that steel alloy die you gifted me is making my modern/industrial design lover self very very happy. I love the counterbalance of this one to the gemstones.
As I mentioned, I look forward to adapting clarity for my summer accessible theatre classes with adults who primarily have developmental disabilities. I look forward to developing scene studies based on your affirmations and peoples own personal stories. It’s going to be a great tool for empowerment through embodied performing arts.

– Maia Scott