Great game, fun gift

I use this game for quick answers and to help guide me and my intuition. It is more than a game but it still is very fun. It’s something I want to share with all my girlfriends. My friends and I get together and ask questions and pick the cards. We ask about work, our future and of course relationships and the cards are always thought provoking and open up good conversations. The game is helpful when I’m alone as well. The artwork is great too because it helps lead to the answers and are beautiful to look at. I love crystal dice too. Have fun!

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The best spiritual tool

After years of playing with angel cards and other spiritual tools I found this tool – Clarity. It has replaced all my other cards in my morning ritual and evening rituals. It is so much fun to play alone but even more fun to play with friends. The intuition within these cards is unbelievable. The presentation of the whole box and dice is beautiful. There is so much amazing information in this box. I cannot wait to play this everyday. Thanks Melissa Behr for this gift to us all!

– Belinda Gavin