Great Deck to do Multi Deck Readings

Melissa blessed me with this deck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this deck when needing clarity or to do self reflection shadow work. It saved my life and also taught me a few lessons. I’m completely in love with this deck, it’s a great deck to have to do multi deck readings or just to place a question and roll the dice for some advice. Thank you Melissa for this wonderful gift

– Facebook customer

It’s not only fun and entertaining, but motivating!

I was recently gift shopping and came across the Clarity Elite Game. Artist Melissa Behr, the creator of the game, was in-store to demonstrate. The game involves focusing on a question or intention needing clarity, rolling a crystal die of your choice and then choosing a clarity card from a corresponding deck (categories: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, past and future). You then choose a fortune card to further clarify. I was shocked by the accuracy of my reading. On the spot, I bought one kit for our family and one for a friend. I have since played everyday with my family members and we continue to be surprised how on point our readings seem to be. We’ve even begun recording them each day to document how relevant the answers to our questions are. 

I have little experience meditating or participating in spiritual/energy work so my expectations have been far exceeded. It’s not only fun and entertaining, but motivating! In addition, I love all the personal touches from the variety of crystal dice and affirmation stones, to the art on the back of each card, to the elegant packaging. I can’t wait to see how the gift goes over for my friend, who owns a holistic health business and could potentially use it in her waiting room.

In addition, meeting Melissa was a pleasure. Her passion, vibrant personality and positive intentions came through in just the short time I spent with her. I rarely write detailed reviews (and this certainly isn’t a paid advertisement), however this artist and her products have earned positive feedback and amazing reviews.Would definitely recommend to a friend!

Molly Tobin

very useful and insanely accurate!

I have Clarity Elite and I find it very useful and insanely accurate! I use this game as more of a meditation tool and way to exercise my intuition. I prefer this game over the oracle and tarot cards that I own because it is so direct and they way the message on each card presented is blunt, clear and to the point but at the same time there is so much room left for interpretation. I also really like that I can play with my friends that have no experience with card reading. Each deck has gallery quality fine art printed on the back and that each corresponding beautifully with the feel of each word expressed on the cards. I definitely recommend this game as a group activity to invoke deep meaningful conversations or as a personal fun meditation tool.

Erin Kibbee