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7 Reiki Healing Chakra Stones


These sacred gemstones are 1″ to 1.5″ round with engraved chakra symbols.  Uses are for Reiki healing of specific areas of the body as well as home decor, place them in the optimal Feng Shui area of your home.

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The uniqueness of each of the 7 chakra healing stones unite in cohesion to provide you with a powerful tool, for the mind and the body. They are used to help align, balance and cleanse your seven chakras. In doing so, it will help to bring your health and mental attitude into a more peaceful state.

The seven chakras being:

  • Red – Root Chakra – Muladhara
  • Orange – Sacral Chakra –Svadhisthana
  • Yellow – Solar Plexus – Manipura
  • Green – Heart – Anahata
  • Blue – Throat – Vishuddha
  • Indigo – The Third Eye – Ajna
  • Violet – Crown – Sahaswara

Using the stones is easy:

  • Sit or lay in the space where you plan to meditate or go on a journey.
  • Place each of the 7 chakra stones on the corresponding chakra center.
  • Put one above your head and three around your body (evenly spread out), one next to your left arm, one next to your right arm, and one below your feet. Do not worry about how close they are to your body but remember that you need to see them visibly.

You can use the chakra gemstones during meditation, in a grid with a crystal, to make a sacred space for peaceful tranquility, or to bring positive energy to your home, office or safe space. Your journey will begin and end with these stones. They can also be used for Reiki healing, as well as for home decor, to bring optimal feng shui to your home or business.

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