Super fun, crazy accurate

I absolutely love this game! It’s light hearted, while still assisting you with clarity on life’s obstacles. It allows me to exercise my intuition, while building a deeper connection with anyone I play it with. It has really help me and my partner to understand what current struggles we have, how they are effecting us and how to support each other. It’s super fun, simple and astonishingly accurate! I use it daily the same way I use oracle cards. I find it more clear than oracle cards, and much simpler than tarot. I have also used them in different spreads and it worked like a charm. I love that it is such a multipurpose tool as I’m not always in to mood for game night. I highly recommend Clarity. No one has paid me to write this lol, I just really like the game.

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The game is so much fun.

The game is so much fun. The art work on the back of each card is a stunning painting done by the artist who created this game,#MelissaBehr. I have the whole set with everything. The dice, The chakra stones, and cool bags for the cards to be in to play the game. I recommend this as a great gift and for you as well.  
We learned a lot about each other on girl’s wine tasting night haha. I was gonna say book club but that’s a lie. lol
It’s fun to play with friends.

Cissie Cobb