An uplifting/insightful game!

Fun uplifting game to share with a group of friends. A versatile product as it also doubles up to be used for individual daily meditation. State your intention/ask a question and see what the cards have in store for you! I love all of the artwork on the cards!

Julie Naski

The game is so much fun.

The game is so much fun. The art work on the back of each card is a stunning painting done by the artist who created this game,#MelissaBehr. I have the whole set with everything. The dice, The chakra stones, and cool bags for the cards to be in to play the game. I recommend this as a great gift and for you as well.  
We learned a lot about each other on girl’s wine tasting night haha. I was gonna say book club but that’s a lie. lol
It’s fun to play with friends.

Cissie Cobb