WOW it’s been a long time since I saw a game this creative and fun

“Clarity ” by Melissa Behr { an exceptional artist ) has put together this game that will inspire the search for more ! Remember at some point in time you asked yourself who am I and why am I here ? Great to just relax and contemplate on whatever.. This is well thought out and executed . The games captures the essence of imagination and creativity. Its fun, for alone time or group time. Besides the game the art work is awesome. I would rate this a 10 but there is only 5 stars to choose from. So happy with this product. 🙂

Ernest H Fortmann

Beautiful design, amazing experience

Thank you so very very much for the amazing experience with you at the new living expo.
I had a wonderful time unpacking your box with its beautiful presentation. Everything is so wonderfully thought out down to the last detail and I enjoyed looking at your artwork on the back/front of your cards.
Plus, I must say that steel alloy die you gifted me is making my modern/industrial design lover self very very happy. I love the counterbalance of this one to the gemstones.
As I mentioned, I look forward to adapting clarity for my summer accessible theatre classes with adults who primarily have developmental disabilities. I look forward to developing scene studies based on your affirmations and peoples own personal stories. It’s going to be a great tool for empowerment through embodied performing arts.

– Maia Scott