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83- 1.5 X 1.75 inch miniature cards with 166 clarifying fortunes for relationships.  Comes in a 5″ x 6″ zip bag.   Travel Clarity. Use these with the Clarity Game to give even more insight to your questions.  Choose a card, read the side you first look at.

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Giving you 166 clarifying fortunes for relationships, this set of 83, 1.5” x 1.75” miniature cards act as a powerful guidance tool. Whether you are someone that is in need of advice, clarity, or complete direction, these fortune telling cards will help to give you insight, similar to a tarot card reading, providing a little inspiration to your day. To utilize their powerful benefits, all you have to do is choose a card and read the side that you see first, allowing you to read fortunes alone or with others in a social gathering or in combination with the Clarity Game these cards provide more clarity when playing with a romantic partner. When used in a group setting, these cards provide you with unique conversational pieces. These cards are easy to transport as well, given their 5″ x 6″ zip bag, allowing you to read your fortune wherever you go!

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